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Beginners and Microblading to machine conversion course


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Welcome to the world of OBB

You’re about to embark on a journey like no other, a world of endless possibilities using creativity, skill and passion.

The permanent makeup industry is a place for innovation and design, learning the Ombre Blush Brow technique will enable you to take your vision and art to another level, allowing you to enhance and create any brow into one of the most wanted brows around.


to switch it up

What is The Ombre Blush Brow?

The technique is an over dramatised fade where the brow is significantly lighter in the front then gets deeper in colour as you move throughout the brow to the end. The effect is a brow that looks soft at the beginning and slowly begins to get more defined towards the end of the brow. The Ombre Blush Brow result is soft and fluffy with a pop of definition, which looks great with or without makeup.

5 Day


Have you ever dreamed about becoming a permanent makeup artist?

5 day agenda for beginner’s and microblading to machine conversion course

Your Tutor

Clarissa Stefania

Clarissa Stefania, an international pmu artist and trainer who has built a highly recognised brand and academy, from her extraordinary technique.

The ombre blush brow, created and honed by herself. The internationally recognised treatment is known for its ultimate polished look which instantly changes …. Your brow game.  Clarissa’s artistic formation is built on a light to dark layering concept to achieve an over dramatised contrast and fade, where the brow is significantly lighter in the front then gets deeper in colour as you move throughout the brow to the end.

Her forte is designing and creating one of the most desired ombre brows around.

Why Train

with Clarissa

  • We’re passionate and focused on your training and development.
  • Clarissa has been fully qualified as a teacher and is ABT accredited.
  • We have a dedicated aftercare support programme to help you with your business development and OBB career progress.
  • Our classes are small groups and are highly interactive.
  • We use high quality materials for the programme content and demonstrations.
  • Our track record of passing students is 100%.
  • Our students are held up to the highest standards and can be confident that they will be leaving with an elite standard and skill of permanent make-up.


Your kit

are you ready?

The Ombre Blush Brow

TouchPad Pro

An innovative machine that combines intelligence and creativity to assist you in designing the perfect ombre brow. Created by Clarissa Stefania who’s the founder & creator of The Ombre Blush Brow®, a machine specifically designed just for Ombre brows, using state of the art technology that delivers optimal results.

The Ombre Blush Brow TouchPad Pro is here to guide you and help create one of the most wanted brows right now.

Are you ready to

switch up your brow game?


MACHINE kit includes
Device Measurements


and prep

  • You will receive a comprehensive training manual prior to your onsite training.
  • You will be required to complete 40 hours pre study before attending your course.
  • We will send you further info on steps to take to prepare for your new career.



  • After your 5 day on-site training you will be required to complete a minimum of six case studies to demonstrate your work and skill.
  • You will need to send us photographic evidence of your work.
  • You will then be required to return to the training academy for your final assessment, where you will perform the Ombré Blush Brow® technique overseen by Clarissa.
  • Following your assessment you will be invited to attend a shadow day with Clarissa.

Please note: We ask that you complete your case studies within three months from your initial date of training.






Become a leading artist with OBB

The OBB Academy has established itself as one of the leading training academies in the brow game. Our training enables students to learn an advanced technique and one of the most sought after procedures. We are also proud to say that many OBB artists have been nominated for the PMU awards 2020 and have successfully established themselves in OBB and the PMU world, you can level up to pro artist and master artist which gives you the recognition to your clients and dedication to OBB.

OBB Members

the exclusives

Exclusive access to the OBB platform

  • Listed on our artist finder map
  • Downloadable marketing content
  • Pre-templated consent, medical and aftercare forms
  • Educational refresher tips
  • Social media exposure on OBB Academy Platforms
  • Past and present artists receive 50% off OBB Webinar (exclusive to in-house training only. Must be a registered OBB Member)
  • Discounted products and training
  • On going support throughout your journey
  • Commission on OBB Academy referrals that book and pay (on completion of course)
  • Opportunities to sell OBB pencils and concealer to your clients and gain profit


you ready

  • 5 days in house training with 40 hours pre study with full training kit, machine and OBB Members exclusives included.
  • To secure your space, a non refundable booking fee of £1000 is required, the remainder will be due 4 weeks prior to your course date.
  • The Ombre Blush Brow beginners course -£7200
  • The Ombre Blush Brow microblading to machine conversion course – £6000 *students must send us a copy of their microblading qualification
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