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An Individual who has attended training and has successfully passed The Ombre Blush Brow® assessment. Their new skills and knowledge will set them apart from other artists in the industry as they have been given the ability and technique to become a successful leading artist.

Pro Artist

An individual that has shown consistency in the quality of their work and has established themselves as a recognised artist in the industry who has proven to create a successful portfolio of brows.


An individual who’s work ethic has been extremely valued, their desire to become a leading artist from pro has gained them the highest recognition in our OBB brand. They will have created a high-end portfolio and have an extensive clientele.

*All OBB Artists, Pro Artists and Masters on our Artist Finder have been trained by Clarissa Stefania Ltd and have successfully passed their Ombre Blush Brow assessment.

They are not employees of Clarissa Stefania Ltd and have their own businesses and policies. Clarissa Stefania Ltd is not liable for any work produced by the individual businesses who offer The Ombre Blush Brow technique.

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