Ombre Blush Brow

Ombre Blush Brow Booking information


What is the Ombre Blush Brow®️?

The Ombre Blush Brow®️ technique is an over dramatised fade where the brow is significantly lighter in the front then gets deeper in colour as you move throughout the brow to the end, resulting in a brow that looks soft at the beginning and slowly begins to get more defined towards the end of your brow. The Ombré Blush Brow®️ effect is soft and fluffy with a pop of definition, which looks great with or without makeup.

What does the price include?

The price includes 2 procedures. The first will take approximately 3hrs. Here we will go through shape, colour and desired results. Once an in-depth consultation has been done, we will then create the shape by drawing them for your approval before commencing the procedure.

Up to 12 weeks after the 1st procedure you return to us for a touch up session. Here we add any colour or definition and correct any shape changes that may have occurred during the initial healing process.

Does it hurt?

We use a numbing agent so discomfort is very minimal.


Are your eyebrows in need of correction work? Whether they are saturated with old pigment, darker than you want or have blue, pink, orange or grey tones that require additional cover up, we are here to help.

Please give us a call prior to booking so we can discuss your treatment plan.

In most cases correction work can be done on the day of your ombre blush brow procedure, however some clients may be required to have the correction work done separately for optimal results, we use specialised pigments to warm, lighten or neutralise any old pigment, and if that’s not enough we also offer removal.


We use li-ft by li pigments, it is a safe, high content salt and fruit seed extract solution that is extremely effective in pigment lightening and removal.
We would need to discuss your removal process as this can require 1 to 6 sessions and 8 weeks are required between each session.


Clarissa Stefania | Creator & Founder
The Ombre Blush Brow
£495 – 3hr

Deanna Yearwood | Master Artist
The Ombre Blush Brow
£400 – 3hr

Removal – li-ft
£100 per session 1hr

Additional correction procedure
£100 1hr

Clarissa Stefania | Creator & Founder
The Ombre Blush Brow with correction
£595 4hr

Deanna Yearwood | Master Artist 
The Ombre Blush Brow with correction
£500 4hr

Patch test
All pigments are hypoallergenic however if you would like a patch test please send us your address. If you choose not to have a patch test, you will have to decline and sign a waiver on our consent form.

General pre-advice

Your enhancement may be left looking slightly swollen, red, bold and dark and your appointment could overrun, so we advise you to not make any social plans on the day of your procedure.

2 days prior

  • Do not take aspirin or anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen (do not discontinue any medication before consulting your doctor).
  • No alcohol.
  • Lower caffeine intake.

1 week prior

  • No waxing and threading.

2 weeks prior

  • No botox.

4 weeks prior

  • Do not use aha skincare products, 1% retina or chemical peels close to the area to be treated for 4 weeks prior to your procedure.
  • Eyebrow tinting should not be performed 4 weeks prior to your procedure.

Important notice, please read below

A doctor’s note is required if you have the following.

  • Diabetes type 1 & 2.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Heart conditions.
  • Chemotherapy/radiotherapy.

For any other medical conditions please let us know prior to the appointment to avoid us having to decline the appointment on the day.

The procedure can not be carried out if you have the following:

  • Roaccutane  (please wait 6 months after you’re off the medication to have a procedure).
  • Are pregnant or are nursing/breastfeeding.
  • Haemophilia.

You will be sent a consultation and medical form prior to the procedure via email.

What to expect after

The healing process diary

Day 1 
Bolder, darker, thicker, mild tenderness, redness and swelling.

Day 2-3 
If any swelling or redness has occurred it will take 2-3 days to subside.

Day 3-7 
Brows will start to appear slightly thinner and will start to feel tighter with minor scabbing.

Day 7-14
Brows will start to look softer, however the full shedding process is in action. As scabs fall away colour will appear ashy. Itchiness, unevenness and patchiness is normal upon site.

Day 14-21
Once the shedding has stopped, the skin starts to exfoliate, minor flaking is normal and this has a temporary effect on the pigment colour making it look cooler and lighter. The colour will start to appear vibrant as days go on as the skin starts to renew itself.

Day 21-28 
Skin is nearly at its healed stage and the true appearance of the colour and shape have all settled.

Day 28
The brows are now fully healed.


The day of your procedure

Don’t apply anything to the enhancement until the following morning.

Days 1 -10
Follow these strict instructions for 10 days, cleaning and creaming once in the morning and then once in the evening.

Step 1
Using warm water, dampen 2 cotton pads, squeeze excess water and firmly press and dab each brow. Please don’t rub or wipe the brow as we want any scabs/flakes to come away naturally.

Step 2
Dry with an additional cotton pad. It’s important to fully dry the brow before moving onto step 3.

Step 3
Apply a rice grain size of aftercare cream on to each brow, using a clean finger or cotton bud,  and massage it through lightly.

Avoid for 10 days

  • Do not get the brows wet.
  • Avoid any activity, including exercise, that may cause sweating as this results in natural salts coming to the surface of the skin which acts as a remover of pigment.

Avoid for 14 days

  • Do not apply any makeup, creams or any other products directly on to the brow or close to the brow area. It’s important to keep them clean and product free apart from the aftercare cream supplied.
  • No sunbeds or direct sun as this can result in pigment fading.
  • Pools, saunas and steam rooms MUST be avoided to keep the brows dry.
  • No tinting or hair removal/ipl.

Some itching is normal. Do not pick, peel or rub the brows as the colour may heal unevenly and this could risk infection, which in turn could lead to scarring. Please allow the colour to flake away by itself.

4 months post procedure

  • The National blood service do not accept donations of blood for 4 months after micropigmentation.
  • MRI: please consult your doctor, you must wait 4 months until you can have an MRI.


Long term care & colour boosts

As with any cosmetic treatment, we cannot guarantee the length of time the skin will retain the pigmentation. This will be different for everybody. We highly recommend that you maintain your brows with regular top ups. This treatment is not a no maintenance but a low maintenance procedure.

Clarissa Stefania | Creator & Founder

6 month colour boost £150

8 month colour boost £175

10 month colour boost £200

12 month colour boost £225

12/18 month colour boost £250

18/24 month colour boost £325

24 month and over £400

Deanna Yearwood | Master Artist

6 month colour boost £125

8 month colour boost £150

10 month colour boost £175

12 month colour boost £200

12/18 month colour boost £225

18/24 month colour boost £300

24 month and over £375

Use a 50 factor sun block on your brows for longer lasting results when using sunbeds or are in the sun, as UV rays can cause fading.


  • 72 hour cancellation policy applies (please see full t&c’s).
  • If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, we require a minimum of 72 hours notice. If shorter notice is given our software will give you one strike, this will mean you can no longer book online/via our app and will need to call to book future appointments. Due to the strike you would be required to pay 50% of your procedure in order to secure a booking.


  • I acknowledge & understand that if I have oily skin the pigment will heal and appear much softer and may require frequent colour boosts.
  • I acknowledge that a 3rd session may be required and these will be charged separately.
  • I’m aware that the enhancement can last as long as 1-3 years, however my pre-tattooed skin state may never come back the same.