About Clarissa Stefania


Clarissa Stefania

Clarissa Stefania is an international PMU Trainer and Artist. Her forte is designing and creating one of the most desired ombre brows around. She has built a highly recognised brand and training academy from her technique. The Ombre Blush Brow® (OBB) is an internationally recognised procedure and was created and honed by herself. She has now successfully trained hundreds of artists across the globe so they can offer the same procedure in their clinics.

Clarissa is an award-winning artist. She has consequently been invited to speak at multiple conferences and events in London, USA and Australia.

Clarissa has built her brand through passion, innovation and especially, authenticity. Exploring her clients and students needs has further helped create high end results in the OBB products and technique. She has designed many sought after products and PMU accessories. One of these includes THE WORLD’S FIRST pigment line specifically designed for ombre brows…Blush to Bold®. The Blush to Bold® Pigment line is co-owned and made in the USA.

Clarissa has built a large clientele and has a waiting list of 6 months. Do you want to have the best looking brows around? If so, visit her HQ or visit one of her qualified OBB Artists.


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