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Created By World Renowned PMU ARTIST Clarissa Stefania



What sets us apart from other courses in the market is our specialization in the ombré blush brow technique. This technique is not just any ordinary method. It has a unique formula and structure that empowers artists to consistently create stunning soft contrasts, defined shapes, and striking symmetry every single time.

By mastering the ombré blush brow technique, artists gain the ultimate edge in creating the perfect set of brows. These courses will take you on an intense  journey that will push you to the limits of your capabilities. From being a complete beginner, we will guide you towards becoming a confident and highly educated semi permanent makeup artist.

Our goal is to give you the best possible start in your journey towards success. By the end of the course, you will have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to establish yourself as a successful and self-assured semi permanent makeup artist. So get ready to unleash your potential and make a name for yourself in the world of semi permanent makeup.


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Take advantage of our interest-free borrowing option and borrow up to an impressive £3000, allowing you to conveniently spread the cost over a comfortable 12-month period with monthly payments as low as £250. This means that the cost of just one eyebrow procedure can cover the entire amount borrowed.

Let's break down the cost of our course:

3 Day Ultimate Ombre Brow Course Option - Example 

Total course cost: £3499

Finance amount: £3000

Booking fee paid by the student: £499

To ensure a smooth process, we highly recommend that you apply for finance and receive a successful application decision before making any payment towards the booking fee. Rest assured, our finance decisions are instant, and the application itself takes only approximately 5 to 10 minutes to complete. This way, you can proceed with confidence and peace of mind knowing that your financial arrangements are in order.

0% Finance option allows you to spread the cost of the course over a period of time, making it more manageable for your budget. We believe that the convenience and flexibility offered by the finance option outweigh the slightly higher cost.

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our approach is unparalleled as we channel all our energy towards mastering the ombré brow technique. Unlike conventional training programs, we refuse to waste a second on other methods. And why should we? The reason is crystal clear – the ombré brow is the reigning queen of all procedures, commanding unparalleled global demand. From the very start of the procedure to the breathtaking final result, no other technique can compare to the sheer awe-inspiring beauty of a flawlessly executed ombré brow. Prepare to have your expectations exceeded like never before!

This course starts from the beginner level, taking you to an advanced level, and includes everything you need to become a fully qualified PMU artist. If you’re serious about being a professional PMU artist, this course will give you a competitive edge over other artists.

You will be trained to create the most in-demand brow Procedure in the industry, ultimate brow mapping, sharp and precise brow pre-draws, industry secret content creation that sets you apart from other artists, and . Training takes place at the Milton Keynes OBB HQ, where students train with founder Clarissa Stefania and Master artists



The Lesson Plan

Day two: Welcome To The HQ. Your First  Model.

You'll uncover the secrets to creating the perfect seamless blend of dark, medium, and light shades. Get ready to dive into the creativity of ombre as we explore a shading method that utilizes tiny pixels to build contrast and fades.

Discover the foundation of ombre as we delve into shaping and mapping, laying the groundwork for your masterpiece. Learn the art of shading and blending, unlocking the key to flawlessly merging colors to achieve a stunning effect. We'll guide you through outlining techniques that will elevate your skills to new heights, whether you're practicing on artificial skin or working on live models.

But it doesn't stop there! We'll take a deep dive into understanding different skin types, the Fitzpatrick scale, and how to select the ideal pigment for each unique canvas. You'll also have the opportunity to explore and master different effects, from the soft and natural to the defined and sharp.

And that's not all! We'll equip you with knowledge on needle configurations and their compatibility with various skin types, empowering you to optimize your ombre technique for outstanding results.

Join us on this thrilling ombre Journey, where creativity knows no bounds! Unleash your inner artist and create stunning  ombre designs that will leave everyone in awe. Get ready to revolutionize your skills and become a true ombre master. Are you ready to take the plunge? Let's dive into the world of ombre together!



  • - Unveiling the fundamentals: shaping and mapping
  • - Lay the groundwork for perfecting the ombre effect


Shading and Blending

  • - Unlock the secret to flawless ombre through shading techniques
  • - Create a harmonious blend of colors using tiny pixels
  • - Building contrast and fades for a stunning result

Mastering Outlining

  • - Elevate your ombre skills with precise outlining
  • - Learn how to outline on both practice skin and live models


Tailoring to Different Skin Types

  • - In-depth exploration of various skin types (Fitzpatrick scale)
  • - Choose the ideal pigment for each skin type

Achieving Desired Effects

  • - Soft and natural ombre: the art of subtlety
  • - Defined and sharp ombre: making a bold statement

Needle Configurations and Skin Type Compatibility

  • - Understanding the relationship between needle configurations and skin types
  • - Optimize your ombre technique based on individual skin characteristics


Day Three: Practice Makes Perfect.


In this session, we will focus on refining and improving your ombre technique based on previous model observations. The goal is to elevate your skills and become one of the best in the permanent makeup (PMU) industry. The session will cover various aspects, including shaping and mapping, shading and blending, fades and contrasts, outlining, and working with both practice skin and live models.

Overview of Areas for Improvement

  •    Analyzing and identifying areas in your previous model work that can be perfected
  •    Understanding the importance of continuous improvement in your ombre technique


Shaping and Mapping:

  •     Mastering the art of creating precise and symmetrical ombre shapes
  •     Learning effective mapping techniques to ensure optimal placement and symmetry on the client's face


Shading and Blending:

  •    Exploring advanced shading techniques to achieve seamless color transitions in your ombre work
  •    Understanding how to create depth and dimension through strategic blending of dark, medium, and light shades


Fades and Contrasts:

  •     Perfecting the balance between gradual fades and well-defined contrasts in your ombre designs
  •     Understanding how to create different effects using varying levels of color intensity



  •     Enhancing your outlining skills to create clean and precise borders around your ombre designs
  •     Mastering techniques for achieving sharp and defined outlines


Practice Skin and Live Model:

  •     Utilizing both practice skin and live models to practice and refine your ombre technique
  •     Gaining hands-on experience and receiving real-time feedback for improvement


Skin Types, Fitzpatrick, and Pigment Choices:

  •     Understanding the influence of different skin types and Fitzpatrick classifications on your ombre results
  •     Exploring the selection of appropriate pigments to achieve desired ombre effects on different skin types


Desired Effect:

  •    Learning to adapt your ombre technique to achieve either a soft and natural or a defined and sharp ombre effect
  •    Understanding client preferences and how to customize your technique accordingly

Join us for this intensive session to perfect your ombre saturation formation and elevate your skills in the PMU world. Get ready to refine your technique and become a true master in the art of ombre!


Day Four: Perfection And The Details: Ombre Mastery: *Live Model Day*


In this session, we will focus on taking your ombre shading skills to the next level by fine-tuning and perfecting your technique. With Clarissa's guidance, you will learn how to meticulously examine your work, leaving no trace of imperfections and showcasing pure perfectionism. Additionally, we will delve into the importance of photography, angles, and lighting to capture your ombre creations effectively. Lastly, we will explore the options of creating super soft edges or defined edges to further enhance your artistry.


Fine Tuning Your Skillset:

  •    Understanding the importance of continuous improvement in your ombre shading technique
  •     Identifying and refining specific areas for improvement in your previous work


Perfecting and Enhancing:

  •     Learning advanced techniques to perfect the color saturation and gradient in your ombre shading
  •    Exploring ways to enhance the depth and dimension of your ombre designs for a more realistic and captivating result


Photography, Angles, and Lights:

  •    Understanding the significance of capturing high-quality images of your ombre work
  •    Learning photography techniques, including optimal angles and lighting, to showcase your ombre creations in the best possible way


 Super Soft Edges or Defined Edges:

  •    Exploring different approaches to creating ombre designs with super soft edges for a more natural look
  •     Understanding techniques for achieving well-defined edges in your ombre shading, creating a bold and impactful effect

Join us for this transformative session as we fine-tune your ombre shading skills and focus on perfectionism in your work. Through meticulous attention to detail and the incorporation of photography techniques, you will be ready to showcase your exceptional skill and artistry to the world. Get ready to leave no trace of imperfections and embrace the beauty of pure perfection in your ombre shading technique


DAY 5: Pushing The Boundaries


In this session, we will focus on perfecting your ombre shading skills and pushing the boundaries of your artistry. Our aim is to ensure that you leave feeling empowered and ready to take on any client challenge with confidence. We will cover various exciting topics, including transforming old tattoos into masterpieces, conquering color correction for gray or orange brows, mastering the ombre shading method, making flawless color choices, breathing new life into old brows, and navigating complications and removal factors like a pro.


Transforming Old Tattoos:

  •    Unlocking the secrets to seamlessly covering old tattoos with stunning ombre shading
  •     Unleashing your creativity to turn previous tattoo work into jaw-dropping art
  •     Exploring innovative techniques and color blending methods for mind-blowing results


Conquering Color Correction for Gray or Orange Brows

  •    Embracing the challenge of gray or orange brows and transforming them into show-stopping masterpieces
  •    Mastering advanced color correction techniques to neutralize unwanted tones and create striking, natural-looking brows
  •    Embodying the artistry of color selection and application for breathtaking results


Mastering the Ombre Shading Method:

  •    Elevating your ombre shading technique to new heights of perfection
  •    Fine-tuning your skills under the expert guidance of Clarissa
  •    Unleashing the power of pressure and hand movements to create mesmerizing, dimensional brows


Making Flawless Color Choices

  •    Becoming a color maestro by analyzing clients' unique features and selecting the perfect hues
  •    Embracing the art and science of color theory in ombre shading
  •    Communicating with clients to ensure their dreams come true through impeccable color choices


Breathing New Life into Old Brows

  •    Reviving faded or uneven brows and transforming them into works of art
  •    Exploring cutting-edge techniques to enhance and reshape old brows
  •    Adapting your ombre shading prowess to bring old brow work back to life


Navigating Complications and Removal Factors:

  •     Embracing the challenges that may arise during the ombre shading process with confidence
  •     Mastering the art of problem-solving to overcome any complications that come your way
  •     Discovering effective strategies for brow removal or correction, should the need arise

Join us for this exhilarating session, where we will take your ombre shading skills to new heights. Leave feeling inspired, confident, and ready to conquer the world of brow artistry. With our guidance, you will be prepared to create breathtaking transformations and leave your clients in awe. Get ready to unleash your full potential and become a true ombre shading master.


On day 6 of the course, Artists will focus on correcting and reboosting old eyebrow work for a client who wants their brows color boosted from 12 months to 24 months. In addition to this specific case, participants will also learn techniques for color boosting old work at different time frames, as well as performing touch-up sessions. The day will also include Q&A sessions, perfecting the final model, addressing additional topics of interest, feedback, and discussions on social media, marketing, editing, insurance, and course completion.


Color Boosting Old Work

  • Techniques for color boosting old work at different time frames (6, 12, or 24 months).
  • Assessing existing pigment and choosing the appropriate color for the boost.
  • Layering pigment to achieve a natural and blended look.
  •  Practice on models with different time frames since their last treatment.


Performing a Touch Up (2nd Session)

  • Importance of touch-up sessions for achieving desired results.
  • Understanding the healing process and its impact on the final outcome.
  •  Techniques for touch-ups, including color adjustment, shape refinement, and density enhancement.
  •  Effective communication with clients during touch-up sessions.


Q&A Session

  • Addressing participants' questions and concerns.
  •  Troubleshooting common challenges in color boosting and touch-ups.
  • Sharing tips and tricks for successful touch-ups and color boosting.


Perfecting the Final Model

  • Dedicated time to perfecting techniques on the final model.
  • Applying knowledge and skills acquired throughout the course.
  •  Seeking feedback and guidance from the instructor for a flawless result.


Additional Topics for Improvement

  • Discussing additional topics or techniques participants want to perfect.
  • Covering specific areas of interest or challenges faced by participants.
  • Providing guidance and demonstrations to help participants improve their skills.


Feedback and Evaluation

  • Receiving feedback from the instructor on participants' progress.
  • Discussing strengths and areas needing improvement.
  • Gaining insights and suggestions for further growth and development.


Social Media, Marketing, and Editing

  • Strategies for effective social media presence and marketing.
  • Creating captivating content and showcasing skills.
  • Photo editing techniques to enhance before and after images.



  • Importance of insurance coverage for permanent makeup businesses.
  • Types of insurance and their benefits.
  • Best practices for obtaining insurance and managing risks.


Course Completion

  •  Reviewing key concepts and techniques covered in the course.
  •  Reflecting on personal growth and progress.
  • Awarding certificates of completion for the Ombre Shading Masterclass.

By structuring the day into these sections, Artist can easily follow the flow of the course and focus on specific topics of interest. This structure allows for a comprehensive learning experience and ensures that participants leave the course feeling confident and equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in ombre shading and corrections.

The next steps: accreditation

Now equipped with all the necessary training, knowledge, and skills, you are ready to embark on your journey as a semi permanent make-up artist. However, your training is just the first step; it is now time to utilize all your acquired knowledge and training to nurture your artistic abilities. It is crucial to maintain utmost organization upon completing your training, as consistency is the ultimate key to your success. The speed at which you progress and grow as a semi permanent make-up artist depends entirely on your level of consistency, focus, and determination. The secret to becoming a skilled and experienced artist lies in continuously practicing and honing your skills. This process involves building confidence and mastering movement recruitment patterns, such as hand and eye coordination, which naturally improve over time. Let's consider an example: an individual who dedicates one hour every day, for seven days a week, to practice on practice pads will accumulate approximately 28 hours of practice in a month. Now, if we double that dedication to two hours daily, it amounts to approximately 56 hours of practice per month. This equates to an additional 28 hours of practice compared to someone who only practices for one hour daily. In a year, this amounts to an astounding 336 hours of extra practice.

The importance of training, consistency, and determination in starting a career in semi-permanent makeup. It highlights the key factors that contribute to progress and development as an artist, such as organization, confidence building, and practicing regularly. The example given demonstrates the significant difference in practice hours between someone who dedicates one hour per day versus two hours per day.

  • Training and Development

After completing your training, you will possess all the necessary knowledge, skills, and training to kickstart your career in semi-permanent makeup. However, this is only the beginning. Now, it is essential to utilize this knowledge and training to develop your skills as an artist.

  • The Importance of Organization and Consistency

Being organized upon completion of your training is crucial. It sets the foundation for your success. Consistency is the key to your progress and growth as a semi-permanent makeup artist. How quickly you develop depends on your level of consistency, focus, and determination.

  • Practicing for Success

Becoming an accomplished and experienced artist requires consistent practice and utilization of your skills. Confidence building and mastering movement recruitment patterns, such as hand and eye coordination, improve over time. For instance, dedicating one hour per day for seven days a week equals approximately 28 hours of practice in a month. Doubling that to two hours per day results in roughly 56 hours of practice per month, adding an additional 28 hours compared to just one hour per day. This translates to an incredible 336 hours of extra practice in a year compared to someone who only practices for one hour per day.

  • Conclusion

In conclusion, starting a career in semi-permanent makeup requires the right training and knowledge, which is just the beginning. Consistency, organization, and determination are vital for success. By consistently practicing and utilizing your skills, you can become an accomplished and experienced artist. The example provided emphasizes the significant difference in practice hours between dedicating one hour versus two hours per day, demonstrating the importance of consistent effort and dedication in achieving your goals

After completing your training, it is crucial to prioritize practice and fill your time with as much of it as possible. When you're not actively working with clients, dedicate your free time to practicing your craft. Additionally, consider allocating some time to enhance your video and editing skills, as they can greatly contribute to your success in the field. Remember, there is no room for partial success in the realm of artistry.





Clarissa Stefania

world renowned Pmu artist,colour Master,Ombre Master, corrections specialist

One of the most renowned and respected PMU artists in the industry is Clarissa Stefania, the creator and founder of the ombré blush brow procedure.

Clarissa’s experience and knowledge is unmatched, and she regularly collaborates with chemists at Li pigments in the United States to develop pigments that have been used by some of the world’s most renowned artists.

With thousands of formulations, corrections, and clients, Clarissa has used all of this knowledge to create the most Advanced PMU beginners course available.

  • Founder and creator of the Ombre Blush Brow technique used to train 100s of students worldwide
  • Founder and creator of the Blush To Bold Pigment line used by cosmetic tattoo artists worldwide
  • Over 8000+ procedures performed to date
  • Master colour corrections specialist
  • Recognised as one of the most influential cosmetic tattoo artists in the industry
  • Produced some of the UKs Top Artists

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