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Blush To Bold Pigments Singles

Cool Blonde Blush Single 15ml


An excellent choice for white, blonde or salt and pepper hair.

Temp:  Cool

Light to Dark Value: 2

Base:  Cool Yellow & Green Organic & inorganic

Fitz: 1-3

Pre-Mixed |Pre-diluted

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Cool Blonde Blush

Use in conjunction with COOL BLONDE BOLD for that ultimate light to dark contrast or on its own.


COOL BLONDE BLUSH – The lighter shade of the set:

Use first in your initial passes when shading your brow until desired saturation is met, leave some space in the skin to apply BOLD

Adding contrast:

COOL BLONDE BOLD – The darker shade of the set:

Add bold in your final passes layering 2 -4 times depending on desired contras, applying to areas to create contrast and density.

We suggest, layering bold midway of the brow down to the tail for that ultimate POP.

Second Touch up:

Use bold to touch up the whole brow in the second session, even when going over areas that blush was used, this will give it that final richness and pop to the brow.

*Only use blush in the second session if pigment hasn’t retained in the areas like the fronts for example.


  • Up your brow game in 2 easy steps with Blush to Bold
  • Our colour sets are all perfectly pre-mixed for ease and pre-diluted for a signature soft finish, to give you the ultimate OMBRE BROW every time.

To darken any Blush

Use 1-3 drops of the same colour Bold

To darken any bold

Use 1-3 drops of the Darkest Brown Bold

Second touch up

Use the same colour bold to touch up all over

Maintenance Colour boost 

Blush and Bold can be used as desired

*The formula is predominantly iron oxide with organics added for the perfect balance.


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